Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Greenest in Flames

Entering town and saving citizens

Cleric: Hill Dwarf Cleric, Level I
Fighter: High Elf Fighter, Level I
Ranger: Wood Elf Ranger, Level I
Rogue: Drow Elf Rogue, Level I
Warlock: Tiefling Warlock, Level I

The party meets in Red Larch and begins to travel south to Greenest, all fueled by their own desires to go to that little village. Upon arrival weeks later they are met with surprise as they see Greenest is being attacked by a blue dragon.

Upon entering, the party sees a human family surrounded by a pack of kobolds. They save the commoners and head towards the keep in the center of town.

While heading there, a band of kobolds and a human in black robes attacked. More commoners joined the party after the battle, during which Rogue found an iron dragon pendant.

The adventurers and commoners finally arrive at the keep and are now safe, as the gate closes behind them. The governor, Tarbaw Nighthill, appears, though, and says that more villagers are outside the keep and must be rescued…



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