Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Greenest in Flames: Part Two

Tunnels, cultists, and dragons

Cleric: Hill Dwarf Cleric, Level I
Fighter: High Elf Fighter, Level I
Ranger: Wood Elf Ranger, Level I
Rogue: Drow Elf Rogue, Level I
Warlock: Tiefling Warlock, Level I

Nighthill tells the party that the raiders are a group called the Cult of the Dragon. The party meets Castellan Escobert the Red, the Greenest head of defense and security. He orders them to unlock an old secret tunnel under the keep and save some of the citizens. Ranger goes to the top of the keep’s tower to keep watch.
The other adventurers enter the tunnel and Warlock scares away a swarm of rats with a well-places Thaumaturgy. Before they exit the other side of the tunnel, Ranger alerts them to a patrol outside. After they go away, the party follows them to the village, where Ranger catches up with them.



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